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Oil and Gas Specialist - Worldwide Consultant - 32 years experience - Based in Denver, Colorado

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Colorado: 303-726-5663
Florida: 904-310-9495





Client Database (partial listing)

Columbus Energy Corporation /CEC Resources, Ltd

  • Williston Basin
  • Tyler Trend, Stark County, North Dakota
  • Glenburn Area, Bottineau County, North Dakota
  • Fairview Area, Richland County, Montana
  • Buffalo Wallow Area, McKenzie County, North Dakota
  • Acquisition Evaluation
  • Carbon Area, L. Mannville Play, Alberta, Canada
  • L.. Wilcox Lobo Sands, South Laredo Area, Texas

East Texas

  • Concord Salt Dome Area, Rodessa Play
  • Mexia Area, Smackover Play
  • Madisonville Area

Permian Basin

  • Eastern Shelf
  • Midland Basin Penn Mound Play
  • San Simon Channel, Harris County, Texas
  • Consolidated Oil & Gas, Inc.
  • Williston Basin
  • San Juan Basin, Fruitland Coalbed Methane, Kd. Kmv
  • Mid-Continent Areas
  • Midland Basin, Eastern Shelf, SE New Mexico
  • Southern Paradox Basin, L. Ismay/Desert Cr. Algal Mounds

Empire Gas Corporation

  • Crested Butte Area, subsurface perm study, fractured Mancos gas

Graham Resources, Inc

  • Williston Basin
  • Fairview Area, NW Fairview Field, Richland County, Montana
  • Flat Lake Area, Sheridan County, Montana

Hallador Petroleum

  • Barrel Springs Area, Kmv, Carbon & Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming
  • Carter Area, Horizontal Niobrara/Turner, Converse County, Wyoming

Maxim Drilling and Exploration

  • Minnelusa Play, Powder River Basin

Powers Energy Corporation / Jim Powers

  • Frobisher-Alida Horizontal Play, Bottineau County, North Dakota

Quinoco Petroleum

  • Fruitland Coalbed Methane, San Juan County, New Mexico

Sterling Energy Corporation

  • Acquisition Evaluation
  • Southern Paradox Basin, Ismay and Desert Creek Trends
  • Coalbed Methane, Hanna Formation, Carbon County, Wyoming
  • South Laredo Area, Lobo Play
  • State Line Area, Cherokee Ridge

Trinity Petroleum Exploration, Inc

  • Southern Paradox Basin
  • South Moxa Arch Area, Uinta County, Wyoming
  • Coalbed Methane, Carbon Basin, Carbon County, Wyoming
  • Petrophysical Evaluations

Extended Wilcox, Berry R. Cox Field, Jim Hogg County, Texas

Donnell O. Wells

  • Dakota Channel Study, Converse County, Wyoming
  • Minnelusa Play, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
  • Southern Paradox Basin

Universal Exploration, Unex

  • Coalbed Methane, Arkoma Basin, Eastern Kansas

Amoco Production Company

  • Douglas Creek Arch, Mancos B
  • Havre Area, Blaine County, Montana, Eagle Tight Gas Sand Play

Total Minatome Corporation

  • Williston Basin, North Dakota, MIssissippian Madison Fields Study
  • Aspect Resources
  • Yegua Play, Newton County, Texas

Keystone Oil & Gas, LLC, DanOil II

  • Thrace Basin Turkey, Eocene Turbidite Stuey, Development Program
  • Moghan Region, Northern Iran, So. Caspian Area
  • Yemen, Investigate Development Program
  • Albania Development Program Review

Swift Energy Company

  • Southern Powder River Basin Acreage Evaluation



Click Baxter to see - Baxter Ranch - San Joaquin Basin, Kings County, California  

Click Bluff Bench to see - Southern Paradox Basin - Bluff Bench - Aneth Area, San Juan County, Utah

Click Madden to see - Philp - Knapp Lease Madden Unit, Fremont County, Wyoming

Click Owl Creek to see - Owl Creek Thrust Trend - Wind River Basin, Fremont County, Wyoming





Dwight Ingram
Oil and Gas Specialist
Worldwide Consultant
32 years experience
Based in Denver, Colorado


Colorado: 303-726-5663
Florida: 904-310-9495



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